An Atlanta-based portrait, editorial and art photographer, Doug thrives on telling an individual’s own unique story inside of an image. With his work appearing in magazines like Vigour, Highlighted and Over Magazine, Doug’s unique and innovative style encapsulates the essence of a personality while cleverly parlaying a sense of mystery with the location.
With a vibrant, edgy and unique view, Doug has the ability to capture a still and silent mini "documentary" of a time in someone’s life and present it in a way that’s unlike anything else in the market. From high-end editorial shoots to magazine-quality portraits, Doug has worked with everyone from up-and-coming models to accomplished professionals, and everyone in between.
Doug’s passion for photography and videography was sparked at an early age as he first got his hands on his parent’s VHS camcorder. After making friends perform skits for his videos and co-host his podcasts on cassette tapes and CDs, Doug eventually made his career in video production and television broadcasting.
Switching gears into photography, as it served to be a creative outlet away from regular work, Doug started venturing further into his own photography and enjoying the creative freedom it allows and getting back to how it all started with just a camera in hand and a vision in mind.
If you share Doug's excitement for creative freedom to express a vision the way you really want, whether that be lighthearted fun with friends, capturing your own personality, creating a variety of images for your social media or personal websites, or creating informative images for a product or business, feel free to reach out today with any projects or ideas you’d like to discuss.
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